American Cultural Sociology

Course by and with Dr. Werner Binder


In the course I wrote some excerpts.

Some Literature

Lamont and Wuthnow 1990 - Betwixt and Between. Recent Cultural Sociology in Europe and the United States

Smith 1998 - Introduction (The New American Sociology)

Parsons 1967 - Democracy and Social Structure in Pre-Nazi Germany

Parsons and Shils 1990 - Values and Social Systems

Bellah 1991 - Civil religion in America

Bellah 1991 - Values and Social Change in Modern Japan

Geertz 1977 - Religion as Cultural System

Geertz 1977 - Thick Description

Ricoeur 1973 - The Model of the Text

Swidler 1986 - Culture in Action

Swidler 2001 - Repertoires

Swidler 2001 - Talk of Love. How Culture Matters.

Wagner-Pacifici and Schwartz 1991 - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Wuthnow 1988 - Religious Discourse as Public Rhetoric

Lamont 1987 - How to become a Dominant French Philosopher: The Case of Jacques Derrida

Alexander & Smith - Strong Program in Cultural Theory

Alexander Smith 1993 - The discourse of American civil society: A new proposal for cultural studies

Smith 1991 - Codes and Conflict

Smith 2003 - Guillotine

Alexander 2002 On the Social Construction of Moral Universals: The `Holocaust’ from War Crime to Trauma Drama

Sven M. Giersig
independent researcher

My research interests include sociology, ethnography and programmable matter.