Die Soziologie des nonverbalen Verhaltens

Ethnography in/of the Information Society

Seminar by and with Dr. Vanessa Dirksen Slides: Social Studies of Scientific Imaging and Visualization


(Inter)kulturelle Wechselseitigkeit: Interpretation, Translation, Dialogizita╠łt

Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

Projektseminar by and with Dr. Vanessa Dirksen Literature I. Concepts of risk and uncertainty. Beck, U. (1992) Modern Society as a Risk Society?, in N. Stehr and R.V. Ericson (eds.), The Culture and Power of Knowledge: Inquiries into Contemporary Societies, pp. 199-214. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. (for original version, see: Riskikogesellschaft: Auf Dem Weg in eine andere Moderne, 1986) Giddens, A. (1999) Risk and Responsibility, Modern Law Review 62 (1): 1-10.